The size and shape of your palms and fingers indicate whether you have earth, fire, air, or water hands. The small, thick, thin and oblique lines, mounts and markings in the palm of a person have the whole future imprinted therein. Identify the head line, which begins on the right hand side and ends in parallel with your ring finger. LIFE LINE IN PALMISTRY: What Does The Life Line Mean in Palmistry: Life Line starts from in between place of thumb and index finger and ends at edge of the palm after encircling the thumb area or the mount of Venus.It is one of the three major lines on palm beside Heart Line & Head Line. Generally speaking, the palm reading love line will provide a glimpse on your love life as well as emotional status. Some people also take the spirals of the fingers into consideration. Life Line. Credit: People with fire hands have long palms and short fingers. If you have a very clear sun line, it means that you have a good taste for literature and arts. Made with products you probably have on hand. If your fate line starts at the life line, it means that you’ve had a strong sense of purpose since birth. Details such as a curved upward or downward line, a straight line, breaks in the line, forks, or other slight changes all can indicate a different meaning. Short line (ending near the center of your palm, as shown here): You’re a fast thinker who reaches conclusions without any hemming and hawing.Long, straight line (extending across the palm, toward the pinkie): Analyze much? Breaks in the line means sudden changes in lifestyle. If a life line is short, it does not foretell disaster or doom, just like a long line is not a significant indicator of longevity. Below you will get complete details on the major lines on … Presenting a new way to party together—virtually. Since most of the world’s population uses their right hand, it is the one that palmists rely on during readings. They have an acute awareness of their emotions and have a strong intuitive sense. Learning how to read palms takes practice, but our palm reading guide from palmistry expert Kay Packard makes the art of chiromancy look easy. However, your heart line or love line represents one of the most prominent in all of palm reading, arguably the most representative of a person’s attitude. © Copyright 2020, 10 Virtual Games to Play When You Can't Be Together, A Guide for How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home, New Year’s Day Foods That Are Considered Good Luck, Easy Homemade Carpet Cleaners to Tackle Every Stain, The Ultimate Holiday Tipping Checklist (and How Much to Give), PowerPoint Parties Are the Socially Distant Party Trend You Have to Try: Here’s How to Host One. RELATED: Here’s What Happens to the Coins You Throw in Fountains. ● Square. Offers may be subject to change without notice. If the line is wavy, it shows a deviation in the thinking process that goes against the norm. Having a deep sun line indicates that you may become famous one day and will be very successful. The life line is under the head line on the palm. … These are the Major Lines. Palm reading is a skill that needs development, but also requires a strong intuition. The long palms and fingers of the water hand are soft and indicative of a sensitive and creative person. Using their skills and intuition, palmists use a person’s hand to guide their life journey. They need constant stimulation and are susceptible to boredom and anxiety when they do not have much to do. Modern palmists trace the tradition back to the Indian subcontinent. The love line represents your romantic story but also relies on integrity. The major line directly below the heart line is called the Head Line AKA the Line of Wisdom and shows those conducting a palm reading what is happening in the mind. Just because your love line has fractures does not mean that you will or should cheat on your partner! The mount of Jupiter lies at the base of your index finger. If the line starts below the index finger, it represents pickiness in terms of love. The heart line relates to all matters of love and relationships throughout life. Its longevity and popularity attest to its success. Your fate line often looks different after a significant event impacts your life. The fate line determines what degree people influence a person’s life and choices. The line on the palm that people are most curious about is the life line. Close the distance with fun games you can play from the comfort of separate homes. Interpret the heart line. If the head line is not there, it indicates a sluggish person. How To Read Palm Lines Head Line. Long, curved line (running down toward the bottom corner of the palm): You’re a creative thinker who can imagine many possible outcomes or approaches to any situation. Faint line: You may need to chill out now and then. What Does Your Handwriting Say About You. If you don’t have a fate line at all, it likely means that you either change careers often or you have a lot of different interests that you pursue during your lifetime. A faint line indicates the person lacks concentration and memory. Breaks in the line can either mean happy surprises or could denote mental woes. Health 2. If the heart line and life line touch, this indicates the person gets their heart broken easily. Although lines are a part of palmistry, a proficient palm reader uses every detail to draw connections. As the days get chillier and snow starts falling, curl up with one of these good books to read in winter. A fortune-teller conducting a palm reading, with lines and mounts marked out on the person's palm Palmistry (part of Hand Analysis), also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology, is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm. They are upright lines situated under … The Marriage line, or as it is sometimes called, the affection or relationship line, refers to the circumstances regarding the person’s love life. They are called the ‘Children lines’ that are always going straight that arise from the very vertical lines of the marriage lines on your palm. Air hands have long, bony fingers and knuckles while the palms are square. The fourth major palm line is the fate line, which is sometimes broken, faded, or even missing altogether. Palm Reading For Higher Education. Interested in brushing up on the divination practice of palm reading, or palmistry? The Mount of Venus is beneath the thumb. This line begins just above the life line (the 3rd main line) and has a starting place that is somewhere between the thumb and the middle finger. Chains in the line indicate emotional difficulty or personal conflict. When they are angry or upset, they can “singe” others with their lack of tact and empathy. It’s a niche discipline, after all. Every mount and line represents a key to your personality, love life, and what your future holds. Pick a hand—but not just any hand. They represent a person who uses logic and whom others depend on for stability. Long line (curving around the ball of the thumb and ending at the base of the palm, as shown here): You’re a rock whom people count on to stay strong in difficult times. Most importantly, palms represent the esoteric belief “as above, so below,” which is the foundation of hermeticism and an essential concept in the occult. However, they obsess over the details and events of their present. However, palmistry gives cues about the impact of a person’s personality on their life path. Rare Palm Lines That You Might Have Rare palm lines that have a significant meaning, such as the camera’s eye line or dedication line are often overlooked in a palm reading. The sun line is the vertical line found under the ring finger. ● Triangle. They are passionate and hard workers who exude an air of confidence. Some of the unique marks are not a line, but a pattern on your skin ridges, which means it’s a part of who you are. Presented test palmistry can answer questions such as how much the person will love partners, how many people will live, the problems in his personal life or financial problems, and the most fundamental question - is whether there is a ban have children of their own. ● Island. Your non-dominant hand is your passive hand, and it is usually not examined since the lines may not be as prominent during the reading. The fate line changes most out of all the lines in the palm. It is right above the head line and tells the story of a person’s romantic success. A short line here represents a person who is practical. When reading the palm, always remember that the names of the lines give hints as to what they represent. In palm reading, the Life Line shows 1. Here with a simple test, you can come to know about you and some general things what your hand and lines are predicting for you. Strong communicators, people with air hands are great to talk to and make trustworthy friends. For even more hints, see this guide to finger reading. It relates to the seven classical planets in astrology. A palm is read from thumb to pinky, so the closer the line is to the thumb, the earlier the time of life. When you start your reading, check the hand you use most often since it's considered your active hand. Chained lines indicate the person is susceptible to many health problems that could take their life in a number of directions. This line can be read in either direction (from the pinkie finger to the index … Both lines and symbols are deeply studied. Palm reading love line may not mean a lot to everyone. Say see-ya to 2020 and hello to a lucky new year! Long, straight line (ending below the index finger, as shown here): You’re a rational, analytical thinker who always considers others’ feelings, and people appreciate that about you.Short, straight line (ending between the middle and index fingers): You need your freedom. Bundle up and head outside (or stay toasty inside)—either way, everyone in the family will love these snow day ideas. A straight line shows the person is logical, organized, and pays attention to detail. Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is an ancient practice. In the beginning, stick to the use of the dominant hand. As your confidence and ability grow, you can also use the passive side to bolster your reading’s impact. If the line starts from the middle finger and has many bends and fractures, it may mean rocky partnerships or a tendency for deceit. ● Star. Tipping etiquette for all the important people who take care of you, Expert tips to improve your skin complexion and texture. People with a deep fate line are often entrepreneurs that start their own business. It is found right beneath the ring finger and indicates a person’s happiness levels, optimism, and energy. Keep in mind: According to hand analysts and palm readers, a less prominent line reflects an area of life that may need work, while a deeper one signals that the characteristic related to that line is strong and developed. This mount symbolizes wisdom, perseverance, and integrity. In palmistry there exist money lines. The passive hand holds insight into a person’s character and personality, while the main one shows how they affect a person’s life. ● Grille(Net … The read palm is usually the dominant hand. Saucedo says the deeper and darker the lines on your palm, the more stable that part of you is. Short line (ending near the center of the palm): When the going gets tough, keeping busy helps you feel safe and secure. The three main lines that are considered are the head line, the heart line, and the life line while reading a palm. A broken line indicates inconsistencies in thought. The heart line (or love line) is the first horizontal line you see on your palm. The flesh beneath the pinky finger is the mount of Mercury. The line can give a lot of insight about the person’s attitude towards love matters, relationships, marriage, as well as the potential timing of their marriage. Fleshy mounts indicate positive characteristics, while sunken ones denote qualities in your life that you must improve. Their magnetism and intensity attract others, and they are excellent communicators. Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is the art of predicting the future by "reading" the palm. The left hand is the hand we born with, the right hand is the hand we make. If you don’t have a sun line, it indicates that you should take a break from work and take time enjoy life every now and then. Vitality and general energy level 3. Responsible for sensuality, sexuality, and passion, the mount of Venus is about the indulgences of love and the emotions that connect to it. First things first. This preoccupation is an obstacle to their progress and causes setbacks. Palm reading is sometimes called palmistry or chiromancy. It shows whether a person will achieve success through a personal endeavor or outside influence. Get excited and see how many you have! A faint sun line means that you are refining your skills towards achieving success in both your marriage and your career (no easy task!). You can find the mount of Saturn at the base of the middle finger. The longer the double Life Line, the better! Discover Chinese palmistry basics with palm reading hand pictures for the palm's lines' meanings: the love line, life line, fate line, marriage line... Palmistry, the study of the palm, is mainly to observe the palm's shape, color,and lines as well as the length of the fingers. The mount of Apollo symbolizes our sun and represents the characteristics of this life-giving star. The lines that rise to another line are lines of influence or inspiration. This line begins between the index finger and the thumb and continues downward toward the base of the thumb and the connection to the wrist. People with this hand shape are the logical, intellectual type with a healthy sense of curiosity.

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