Ozark fans may not even recognize that Joe is the same actor who played the unhinged Ben; his bearded face and long hair are replaced by a nice … You fall in love with the character and you watch him fall apart from mental illness and see that there is nothing you can do. He had plenty of opportunities to leave. To me that was some of the absolute best film making for a TV show to come out of hollywood in a long time. Ozark cast: Who plays Ben Davis? You aren't the first one with this theory. Ozark Season 3 ben davis monologue in cab scene . ... ©1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. Ben first appears in episode two of Ozark’s third season, as a seemingly mild-mannered substitute teacher, who snaps over a perceived injustice with an over-the-top and violent reaction. In the end though I blame him for his own death. Wendy's brother, Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) describes his comprehension and origination of his mental disorder. Holy crap his portrayal of this character is just amazing. Every time Wendy and Marty let somebody in on their secret, they put their life in danger. His intentions were pure, but their arrival in the Ozarks has brought nothing but pain and misery for everyone involved. I remember watching the show thinking how all the stuff coming out of his mouth near the end while sounding completely batshit crazy was completely true and THAT was what made his snotty breakdown in the car so epic. He definitely did the best he could with what he had to work with, he was also really good in a show called banshee with the guy who plays homelander in the boys, Alice was ok tbf. Nelson definitely knows what he looked like. Nervous, happy, afraid, crying, skeptical, laughing and even witty at some moments makes this show so much more worth it to watch. Ultimately though, I do blame Wendy above all the others for his death, as she basically was the person that was going against Marty’s wishes for Ben to leave. Knew his arc would hit the fan eventually, was just a ticking timebomb. Apr 8, 2020 Netflix. Just started E10. I’d argue Henwick too, but that’s it. You've got to consider a number of unspoken TV rules. I really liked the season because they put you in Ruth’s shoes. It's so refreshing. Why extort someone who literally works for a Mexican drug cartel? Holy shit that scene where he’s just rambling to the taxi driver had me in tears, it was just so tragic. Ben is one of the instigators for the events of … All the little nuances and mannerisms that most people have are constantly on display. Dude played the roll incredibly though. Holy crap his portrayal of this character is just amazing. After that opening of him shredding a classroom of kids' phones and beating the breaks of a lowly landscaper, it was obvious he was unstable. The show's third series saw the introduction of character Wendy Byrde's brother Ben Davis … The back and forth dynamics in emotion is so entirely believable. Why the hell does he have that accent like Ruth makes no sense. There is no cure, there is no amount of money or apologies that can fix it...you have to let him go. Ben is a likable character because he reminds people of someone they love, especially because the people we love have flaws. Marty shuts down and becomes a robot because he can’t process the grief, Jonah is angry and wants to hurt the people responsible to right some of the wrong, Ruth is all over the place: angry, sad, heartbroken, remorseful, and even sometimes numb, and Wendy tries to drink her own guilt and sadness away. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s completely gut wrenching because so many people can sympathize or empathize with that situation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Taking to Reddit, Ozark fan _BlazeItGrandma explains: “Why doesn’t Maya or the FBI know about Ben’s outstanding warrant? I am rewatching from where Wendy and Ben are at the rest stop when Ben calls Hellen to try and apologize. Ben Davis (played by Tom Pelphrey) became one of Ozark's most intriguing characters following his introduction to the Netflix series in season three. I almost didn't watch the finale. They could have easily made him into one of those "cog in the wheel" characters as they create a whole half-season subplot out of hiding their enterprise from him, but simply chose not to (and neither did they do this with Buddy and the kids). Tom Pelprhey, 37, was only introduced at the beginning of … All the little nuances and mannerisms that most people have are constantly on display. Ozark Season 3’s Tom Pelphrey Talks Ben Davis Role & More Is Wendy's brother Ben Davis actually dead? The third season of a drama doesn't seem like the ideal time to add new characters, but that's what Netflix's Ozark did with Ben Davis. Meet the new star. Seeing Ben breaking down towards the end of the season, especially on his road trip with Wendy, felt like I was reliving when my brother would have such bad panic attacks that he once tried to dive out of my moving car when we were on a highway, and when he went to Helen’s house and told Erin about her mom, it felt like the time my brother grabbed my steering wheel and tried to force me off the road because I wouldn’t help him get vodka when he couldn’t get it himself. I see people blaming Ruth or other characters for bad things that have happened. Listen to his voice and think this guy is completely nuts, but when you actually know what his family does it made perfect sense. As much as I love Olivia Colman, Jodie comer, and Sarah snook I don’t think they really compare to the performance Laura Linney gave for this season especially the 9th episode. But Wendy’s state in the aftermath and Ben just looking all confused as he was about to get shot and seeing all the good sides of him were heartbreaking. He's a ghost. Have been so surprised to see others so attached to him. Posted by 2 months ago. Ruth being angry at the byrdes after Ben’s death made for an awesome way to open up the next season, and actually in some ways made Darlene actually correct about something for once in an oddly fucked up and evil way. He's seemingly gone by … Keep hoping. "It's a good feeling, man," laughs Ben Davis … The crux of Ozark's drama has always been Marty's efforts to protect his family from being murdered by the Mexican drug cartel he (once secretly) worked for.This meant relocating the Byrdes from Chicago to Osage Beach, Missouri in Ozark season 1 so Marty could set up business fronts in order to launder millions for Navarro. Ben is such a great character because he’s the only one on ozark who feels like an actual person and not just a character. I feel like Marty was actually right all along, and was right when he told Ben to leave, but as usual Wendy was too blinded. First saw him in Iron Fist, he was the only good actor on that show. Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis in Ozark season 3. You saw the tarp wrapped body didn't you? Stay up to date on Ben Davis product and find out about exclusive offers. Yelling at Ruth through my screen to stay away from that fuck. As for Sue, she was just downright idiotic. Tom Pelphrey joined Ozark for Season 3, but it's more accurate to say his character Ben Davis arrived like a tornado to the Ozarks. I don't entirely agree with this. I agree his idiocy screwed him in the end for sure, I fuckin loved the Ben Davis character but damn I felt he did mess up to much which was due to his mental illness but like Helen said there’s no room for that in the game, I’ve never felt so bad about a character in tv show or movie dying. It's a detail that's almost imperceptible at first, but … The very first time we see him he's destroying kids phones and assaulting landscapers. Towards the end of Episode 9. Ben Davis' Fate on Ozark Might Not Be What You Think. Despite his mental health problems, his response to learning the truth about his sister and the rest of the Byrde family was completely in line with the gravity of the situation. Ruth should never have pulled strings to get Ben out of the correctional institute. Marty was right to try and send him away at the beginning. 03/28/2020. As was the case with Sue. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Close. The back and forth dynamics in emotion is so entirely believable. As crazy as he was, I actually thought he was probably the most likeable character on the show and his death was probably to me the saddest death of any TV character as a whole. He was by far the best part of Iron Fist, not that it means much but he was killer in that. It was the same case with Ben. The most underrated actor in the TV right now. Ruth should never have pulled strings to get Ben out of the correctional institute. So many times where I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to hate or love him. That sealed it for him. You could watch him work through it in his mind. And knowing that he's unstable just made every scene with Ruth falling in love with him worse. Wasn't able to connect with him a ton for that reason. Tom Pelphrey’s Ben Davis proved to be a popular addition to the series. Ben is Wendy Byrde's (Laura Linney) brother and … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Under the Reddit thread '[Spoilers] Reasons and my take on … Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis in Ozark season 3. NETFLIX's Ozark fans have been infuriated by a plot hole with Ben Davis and Ruth Langmore's truck. They get you super invested in the character, his and Ruth's relationship, and then go and pull the carpet right out from under you. OZARK's Ben Davis actor speaks out on the death hoax theory and insists he will return to the show "dead or alive." Instead he was allowed to stay, and he continually made poor judgement calls and proved he was not capable of keeping quiet while he was still alive. Watching this kind-hearted, vulnerable, very sick person be told that he’s crazy and have his insights written off because of a diagnosis is so frustrating because he’s actually the voice of reason throughout much of the season. He also should have stayed on his meds because he probably would have been more rational and wouldn't have went on a big rant at Helen's and telling her daughter what she did. That was the scene that really got me too. If only. Ben Davis is the heartbeat of the new episodes and filled the void left by Buddy (Harris Yulin). No way lol. Depending on how long Netflix wants Ozark to run, it could take at least another season to put Marty and Ruth in … But he's also someone who I think would probably annoy me in real life. Netflix has released season three of Ozark for your viewing pleasure. But as quickly as Ben came, he went, and Pelphrey has a feeling things are only going to get darker in his absence. That last line applies to everyone in this show. Even though it was made clear that Wendy also has issues, I think there’s something more to what she’s got going on inside her head. 105. That was completely their fault by revealing the truth about their lives. Wendy's mistake was that she got him involved with their messed up lives and she also refused to send him to a place where he could get help, until it was too late. Pretty accurate take. The next time we see “Ben”, is in a body bag getting pulled out of Nelson’s SUV with Ruth and Marty present. I agree with you that after Ben found out everything it was kind of inevitable that he was gonna get killed off somehow.

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